About Dialexa

Dialexa is the only technology RD&C (Research, Design & Creation) firm. We partner with our clients in the pursuit of big opportunities to create tomorrow’s brilliant ideas and bring products to life.

Who We Are

Dialexa was founded in 2010 by Mark Haidar and Scott Harper who believed in building a better world through technology innovation. While there were a lot of digital agencies, and software and mobile development shops, there were very few companies offering world class technology product development that includes strategy, ideation, design, architecture and development.

Today, the current market reality allows new ideas the unprecedented opportunity to digitally disrupt industries and forces incumbent leaders to change. Our mission is to partner with our clients in the pursuit of big opportunities to create tomorrow’s brilliant ideas and bring products to life. We turn concepts into products and products into companies.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Innovating with our Clients

    We love partnering with our customers. The Dialexa Process™ allows for an early shared understanding of your product, constant two-way feedback, and an iterative design, development, and testing cycle which delivers better products with reduced risks.

  • End-to-end Product Development

    It all starts with the idea. We take your idea and explore it, germinate it, grow it, build everything that idea needs to become a reality.

  • Our Interdisciplinary Team

    Top talent understands that to disrupt industries, technology and user experience must be part of one organic whole. That means designers who get engineering, and engineers who get design.

  • Multi-Platform Technology Understanding

    We stay one step ahead of the cutting edge. We know which tools and platforms are going to make the next breakthroughs in web, mobile, native, hardware, & embedded technology. And we know how to choose the right ones for your product.

  • We Solve Your Hardest Problems

    Challenges accepted. Bring us the problems that others can’t solve. From algorithmic routing, to big data mining via AI, to rendering 3-D models from 2-D CAT scans: we’ve done it all. We’ve never met a problem too big, too complex, or too scary to handle.

What We Do

  • Innovation & Product Consulting

  • Software Development

  • User Interface & Experience Design

  • Hardware Engineering

  • Product Launch & Growth Hacking

How We Do It

Research & Discovery

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Discovery


  • Design Research
  • UX Design
  • Industrial Design


  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development


  • Maintenance & Support
  • Growth Hacking

Product Release

Create and launch brilliant ideas.

Let us work alongside you to create products users love.

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