Andrew Turner

Principal, Engineering

Andrew is an engineer, speaker, and technical leader with over a decade of experience building scalable software solutions for clients ranging from venture-funded startups to Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in applying modern development workflows and technologies to create data-driven applications with a need for performance at scale.

At Dialexa, Andrew works with various teams to architect and engineer solutions that solve our clients’ hardest problems. He passionately explores new tools and technologies to improve the developer workflow and craft creative solutions to common problems. With extensive experience in all aspects of software development, Andrew provides end-to-end technical leadership on projects while assisting Dialexa’s executive team in scaling engineering processes and practices.

Prior to Dialexa Andrew was the Senior Director of Development and Technology at Sq1 (now Ansira), a national digital marketing agency. While at Sq1, Andrew helped to bring all development in house and establish modern development workflows and processes for all software projects. In addition to leading the development team, he also played an active role on Sq1’s executive leadership team effectively scaling processes with the company’s extreme growth while ensuring project delivery.


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