Marilou Canon

Senior Associate, Quality Engineering

Marilou works as a Quality Engineer at Dialexa. She is involved in every step of a product life cycle to ensure quality is maintained through all phases of design and development, serving as a bridge between designer, developer and user experience. Marilou is on the constant look out for different retrospective formats that keep the team engaged and honest when evaluating how to improve the project’s process and productivity.

Marilou earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Prior to joining Dialexa, Marilou was a semiconductor process engineer for Hitachi High Technologies America. During her time with Hitachi, she was exposed to clean room based research and development as well as worked with customers both on a domestic and international level.

Outside of Dialexa, Marilou enjoys rock climbing, cooking, and performing improv at the Dallas Comedy House.


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