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Dialexa has helped many of the world’s most innovative companies achieve breakthrough results in growth, value creation, and retention through our work on precision, innovative experience solutions.  Here are some recent examples.

Experience Innovation for Commercial Real Estate

Dialexa enabled commercial real estate brokers with the ability to create digital tour books with property listings for customers to access from anywhere.

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Experience Innovation for Financial Services

Dialexa created a funds transfer application to help a leading financial services organization better serve over 150 million users

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Experience Innovation for Industrial Equipment

Dialexa helped a leading manufacturer of industrial agriculture machinery connect all of their products so users could more easily deploy, maintain, and track each system.

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Experience Innovation for Consumer Entertainment

Dialexa developed friendly kiosk solutions to help consumers more rapidly check in and begin enjoying activities. The benefits include higher customer satisfaction, increase revenue per customer, and growth in return visits.

Improved Self-Service Experience for Golf Enthusiasts
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Dialexa is the pioneer and leader in digital product engineering, including unmatched expertise in user experience and user interface across software and hardware products, applications, and platforms. Our capabilities span experience design end-to-end.

Dialexa experience solutions and services for software and hardware products, applications, and platforms:
  • Persona research and development
  • Product ideation for new go-to-markets
  • User testing and research
  • UI strategy and design
  • UX strategy and design
  • UX measurement
  • Hardware UI and UX research and design
  • Mobile device UX
  • Full-size device, including kiosk, UI and UX design and development
  • UI and UX customer efficacy and affinity research

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