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Industrial companies know how to design, build, and ship, often on an immense scale.  At Dialexa, we are especially proud of the trust and respect we’ve earned from leading industrial brands – we also know how to deliver new or enhanced digital solutions that create new revenue streams.

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Dialexa is the pioneer and leader in digital product engineering. We invented the category and create new digital solutions every day helping the world's leading industrial companies reinvent and reimagine their business and discover new growth opportunities.


Industrial Machinery

Dialexa specializes in seamlessly integrating digital solutions with the physical components of industrial equipment. With vast expertise in collaborating with diverse industrial equipment manufacturers, we recognize the pivotal role digital products now play—from optimizing energy use, to facilitating predictive maintenance, to enhancing performance metrics and throughput tracking. If your goal is to digitally enhance an existing machinery platform or to conceive an entirely innovative industrial device, partner with Dialexa to ensure it stands out in the market, with a superior digital edge.

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Industrial Agriculture

Industrial Agriculture stakeholders are bringing incredible technical innovations to growers, from soil science to predictive analytics for crop yields to new machines that greatly automate harvest and sorting.  Digital technology underpins all of these advances and Dialexa has worked closely with several leading brands in this space.  Whatever breakthrough industrial agriculture solution you want to create, Dialexa is ready to help from ideation through to developing the solution and go-to-market strategy.

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Automotive Retailing and Services

Few value chains are broader than Automotive Retailing and Services, which includes manufacturing of parts all the way through to car repair services and everything in between.  Being an effective partner and service provider in this space requires a very deep understanding of the entire value chain and how any one solution fits.  Dialexa is uniquely qualified in this space, having developed and delivered innovative digital solutions for the world’s leading car manufacturers as well as OEMs, service providers, distributors, and retailers.

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Dialexa Provides:

End-to-End Expertise

Unmatched expertise and world-class talent in design, software and hardware engineering, and go-to-market and business strategy.

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Only One Objective Matters

Dialexa teams convert business strategies into thriving businesses with the highest standards for performance and a maniacal focus on fast time to market.

Gain a Product and Growth Mindset

Building a digital team from the ground up is an incredible undertaking while hiring a systems integrator or outsourced engineering doesn’t assure the right skills and mindset.  Dialexa understands products and growth better than anyone.

Dialexa for Industrials – The Power of Machine Learning

Machine-Learning-Enabled Production Modeling Platform

Discover how Dialexa helped an electric vehicle automaker and automotive technology company, create a shared environment and digital platform for automating and simplifying the process of building and utilizing machine learning and advanced algorithms.

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