Modernizing Airport Systems Designed For Improved Safety And Efficiency.


After winning the bid to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar wanted to create a new standard in airport operations that leveraged technology to increase safety and quality of service. The Hamad International Airport (“HIA”) in Doha, Qatar was designed to be a state-of-the-art facility but after looking at other airport systems and realizing how antiquated their technology was, it became necessary for management team to design and engineer a new system for operating the airport. HIA had a disparate set of enterprise systems that were built differently and never meant to talk to each other. HIA leadership hired Dialexa to help solve this complex problem.



A Real-Time Dashboard Integrating Multiple Legacy Systems Providing A Single Snapshot Analysis Of The Entire Airport’s Operations.

Dialexa helped HIA take an innovative approach and thus created a new standard for how airport systems communicate with each other. EMMA which stands for Environmental & Movement Monitoring for Airports, is a real-time web dashboard that visualizes sensory information and data which can be implemented into any airport in the world. EMMA was designed to be a modern piece of software in an environment filled with legacy enterprise software and new emerging technologies. EMMA’s patented adapters allow the intake of any source of data from various systems which provides a centralized location for the users to review the consolidated information across a range of computers or devices. EMMA works on multiple browsers including mobile, requires no software installation, and gives users the ability to fully customize their view help them get the job done.


Early EMMA Concept Sketch

Early EMMA Concept Sketch



HIA Together With Dialexa Created One Of The Most Disruptive Technology Airport Systems In The World.

EMMA is integrated with HIA’s airport’s existing software to create a centralized, real-time dashboard of everything that is going on in an airport from weather, to people, to airplanes, to an aerial view of the airport’s runway. And it does all of this while still maintaining the standards for security and reliability that you would expect for software running inside of an airport.

The end result is a secure and centralized view of the entire airport’s operations which leads to better security and monitoring which can in real-time help adjust passenger traffic, improve communications with airlines and traffic control and reduce operational costs. EMMA was built to “speak the language” of each of these systems and translate into a single nomenclature that could be shown to a user in a consistent and seamless manner. EMMA can also be implemented in any airport worldwide.