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Saving hours of time typically spent by car dealers and consumers in a dealership purchasing a car traditionally; Fastlane is looking to revolutionize the car buying experience by allowing consumers to buy a car online. With this goal in mind, Fastlane's founder and CEO partnered with Dialexa to bring this idea to fruition.

Fastlane came to Dialexa with a primal idea for a service that is relatively a new concept to implement within the automotive industry. You can buy almost anything else online, but the automotive industry has been one of the slowest to adapt to new technology, with the car buying process being much the same as it was 20 years ago.

There were challenges to overcome with building a product that would be adopted by users that are comfortable with their tools, and well ingrained in their own processes. Dealerships all have their own magic way of making things happen, meaning Dialexa had to create something configurable and flexible enough to meet their needs, while also building it to integrate with many different data points.




Fastlane was built to provide consumers with a modern, online shopping experience.

As a fully responsive application, Fastlane lets consumers buy a car anytime, anywhere, with any device, from dealerships they trust. With a goal of drastically reducing the time it takes to buy a car, with Fastlane, the process can be done in 10 minutes or less.

Dialexa designed Fastlane to be robust - able to meet unique dealerships set-up needs while also being able to follow individual state regulations. With a disconnected automotive industry, Dialexa had to build Fastlane to aggregate data from multiple inventory systems, comply with state specific trade-in rules, offer add-ons at a granular vehicle level, and aggregate rates from hundreds of lending institutions.



  • Flexible Design
    Designed to be used anywhere at anytime, Fastlane’s purchase interface can be used by both customers and dealers on any device. In addition to creating a simple, intuitive interface, Dialexa built Fastlane in a way that provides dealers with complete control. Allowing them to sell their entire inventory, configure customizable deposits, manage vehicle reservation & offer delivery.
  • Instant vehicle valuation
    Fastlane gives consumers access to real market valuations of their trade-in vehicles through integration partners. Consumers can accept or reject the proposed offer, and dealers have the flexibility to adjust the offer on the fly.
  • Fast Qualify
    Consumers can get instantly prequalified for financing offers without it affecting their credit score. Our soft pull solution immediately provides consumers with offers, while providing the dealer with access to valuable customer insight. Allowing them to better serve their customers with knowledge related to rates they qualify for, past auto loan history, remaining balances and current monthly payments.
  • Financing
    To provide customers with the lowest possible monthly payment for each term length, the Fastlane platform integrates with 3rd party APIs to aggregate data from all of a dealer's preferred lending partners and additional integration partners to check for all rebates that the consumer may be eligible for. This ensures the customer is getting the best possible deal.
  • Secure Processing
    Legal and regulatory risk is reduced with Fastlane for both dealerships and consumers. Customers can quickly sign documents, which are then stored and archived for dealer record in an encrypted database.



Initial Results

Fastlane launched June 2017 into its first round of beta dealerships.

Dealers are excited to be on board, and consumers are increasingly expressing interest in buying a car online. Fast, flexible, fun. Fastlane is revolutionizing the car buying industry.