Bringing Non-Revenue Travel Booking Into The 21st Century.

ID90 Travel, the global leader in non-revenue travel solutions for airlines and their employees, built a strong reputation with its customers (airlines) of providing a highly customizable solution for their employees that allows the airlines to specify extremely granular rules on who travels when, where, and with whom. ID90’s technology team had spent so much time focused on crafting their backend software to make their customers happy, that they didn’t have any time left to focus on the user experience.

ID90’s executive team approached Dialexa to help redesign and rebuild its suite of SaaS mobile and desktop travel software to improve the user experience, refresh the brand and design of the web platform, and launch a product that could better compete with and provide a higher quality of service than an airline’s own internal non-rev website.




A Faster And Easier Way To Book Travel For Airline Employees On The Go.

The primary focus of the redesign and rebuild for ID90 was the mobile device experience, which meant creating a mobile site in addition to an improved desktop experience. Many times, on these types of trips, travelers don’t know until the last minute what their itinerary will be; they are likely the last passengers to load before the plane door is shut. From the moment the passenger learns that he or she is going to be allowed on the flight, the clock is ticking before the cabin door is shut and the cell phones have to be turned off. There’s no time to wait for long load times or dig through complicated menus. Dialexa was able to craft an experience that pulled together different types of data and content into a cohesive experience across not only the web application but the mobile web as well.


Lodging Search Results

Lodging Search Results

Mobile Search Results

Mobile Search Results



Revolutionizing The Way More Than 22 Million Airline Employees Plan And Book Travel.

ID90T customers are savvy travelers and with improved technology and user experience, ID90T hired Dialexa to make booking travel for airline employees easier and faster. Dialexa focused on building an awesome user experience that would expose all of the functionality available in the system. This meant that the two teams met in the middle, working together to design an extensible and robust RESTful API. While these APIs were built to support the new front-end web application, the were designed to support additional applications down the road, giving ID90 the power to innovate quickly with new offerings to end-users without the need to rebuild their underlying system.

As a result of our work together, ID90 was able to secure additional funding of $3 million dollars to continue to add more features to the system and grow revenue.