Creating A Groundbreaking Way To Track Social Sports Engagement Data.

The global sports market industry is worth $145 billion so when Stout Social, a full-service social media firm hyper-focused on providing social media marketing solutions to brands, athletes and agents in all branches of sports and fitness, decided to create an innovative platform, they approached Dialexa. Stout Social enlisted Dialexa to help with several challenges including branding and usability of the platform. The platform needed algorithm development robust enough for real-time tracking of over 20,000 professional athletes, teams and leagues, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA, LPGA, Web.com Tour, Champions Tour, MLS, Winter and Summer Olympics, ATP, WTA, and retired professional athletes. The data from MVPIndex would enable brands to measure athlete engagement and the impact an endorsement has on an athlete’s brand in real-time. Stout Social wanted to change how sports marketing and athlete endorsements were done.




Building A Technology Product From Concept To Market.

MVPIndex wanted to go to market with a new brand identity that would attract sports marketing professionals. Using MVP Indexes’ identity guidelines Dialexa explored very specific design details and how we could best represent the brand together with elements of the product.

Stout had developed an algorithm to combine multiple channels of social metrics into one single “MVP Index”, a measure of athlete’s sponsorship potential. This algorithm required real-time updates from each of five difference social media sources. Dialexa developed an intelligent system of adapters that pulled the required metrics from each source’s APIs.

Instead of building a monolithic application, Dialexa built the MVP Index system as a single platform that supports multiple applications. A solid RESTful API was designed not only to support the current MVP Index web application but also to serve athlete social data to future applications and consumers. This service-oriented architecture approach allowed the back-end servers to focus on data collection and analysis while letting the front-end manage the users and presentation of the data. The interaction design team helped display the content in a way that could be quickly and easily digested.





Created The First Social Media Intelligence Platform For Athletes.

This type of social sports engagement data is groundbreaking for sports marketing because the unique data is extremely valuable for sports marketers in their efforts to select brand ambassadors, and maximize sponsorships.With $145 billion dollars at stake, MVPIndex helps brands allocate sponsorships in ways that will make an impact and deliver the best results.