Improve Patient And Doctor Engagement With Easy To Use Software For Monitoring Vision Loss.

Vital Art and Science (VAS) developed MyVisionTrack (mVT) – a first of its kind FDA-cleared medical appliance designed to allow patients with age-related macular degeneration or diabetic eye disease to monitor their own vision at home. From home, patients can test their vision, send results to their doctors which would allow doctors to take immediate action when a person’s vision changes. VAS approached Dialexa with a few challenges. Primarily, VAS challenged Dialexa to design a system that would allow physicians to easily track their patients testing, treatments and history. This data would then be used in studies to determine the viability of the test in improving treatment options for patients.

VAS also needed a rebranding of their entire corporate identity and a new website.




Elegantly Designed And Functional Physician Portal With Corporate Identity.

Dialexa created an entire visual identity for VAS and mVT including brand concept and execution, logo designs, web and physicians portal UX and UI. The mVT physician’s’ portal required the presentation of vast data in an easily readable layout – using high level graphs and trend lines with outlier alarm drill-down capability. Additionally the Dialexa team worked with the VAS marketing team to create a new brand and website for VAS and MyVisionTrack.





Data Collected From MVT Physician Portal And App Helped VAS File New Patent.

Over the course of several months, the VAS team collected and aggregated data from the Physician Portal and mVT app and conducted studies supported by the National Institutes of Health which showed mVT was significantly better at detecting visual improvement compared to the existing tests available today.

This improved confidence means more physicians are engaging with the product and prescribing the mVT app to screen for advancing disease and accurately measuring treatment effects.