Creating The World’s First Non-Surgical Tooth Replacement System.

Getting a tooth implant is an invasive procedure that can take upwards of twelve months (from beginning of the process to the end), including several doctors visits, time off work and great pain when your gums are cut multiple times. Natural Dental Implants AG (“NDI”) is an international biotech company that had developed a revolutionary approach to tooth replacement by creating an exact replicate of a tooth from a 2-dimensional low resolution CAT scan. This technology produced the first-of-its-kind root to tip crown dental implant where no drilling was required. Meaning, there would be no need to cut the gum multiple times cutting down on recovery time. NDI needed a team of expert technologists and software engineers to bring the product to market.

NDI went to several technology companies to have them build the software but were met with the same answer each time - this kind of software was impossible to build. NDI was close to giving up hope, until they met Dialexa.



NDI Was Told The Software Was Impossible To Build…Until They Met Dialexa

NDI was looking to disrupt the dental industry that would have a profound impact on patients’ lives. In order to produce the replacement teeth, NDI needed software that allowed them to go from CT scan to 3D model quickly and accurately - taking a low resolution image and generating over 1.2 million points. Since this kind of software had not been invented yet, Dialexa poured into research and development and created intellectual property that never existed before; employed polynomial mathematics to predict the precise curvature of a tooth; and, created a new desktop application that allowed technicians to sift through reams of imagery and instantaneously create 3D objects for each piece of the tooth from a 2D CAT Scan.



Replicate Tooth Model

Replicate Tooth Model

Replicate Implant

Replicate Implant

Replicate Software

Replicate Software




Dialexa Helped NDI Disrupt The Dental Industry Using Revolutionary Technology

Dialexa helped disrupt a traditional industry with revolutionary technology that decreased pain and healing time for patients needing an implant. The Dialexa team designed and built the software to work with great precision the first time it is used. Numerous novel and complex algorithms and mathematical models were developed to enable 3D model generation and manipulation. A desktop application was also developed to enable the needed functionality and encompass the entirety of the process. The product is approved in Europe and undergoing FDA approval in the USA.