Taking An Archaic Home Lawn Care Market And Making It As Simple As The Click Of A Button.

Robin wanted to create the kind of customer experience for lawn services that we would expect from every other aspect of our 21st century life. With over 90,000+ lawn care providers with little to no quality information existing for most, getting a quote for service is inefficient requiring multiple calls or visits. Payments are typically handled in person via cash or check.



Web And Mobile Solutions That Let You Put Your Lawn Care Needs On Autopilot.

Dialexa worked with Robin’s co-founders to take the concept from idea to launch by reimagining the future of lawncare. By designing and developing both a web and iOS mobile application, Robin’s customer experience can deliver an instant quote with nothing more than a street address. The backend of the application automatically matches a customer’s request with a carefully curated group of preferred vendors. Much like popular apps like Uber, payment is automated for the customer for convenience and tracking.

The company’s technology also helps providers optimize their crew’s workday by adding in new customers during times where there’s a gap.  The application also notifies customers of schedule changes automatically. Customers get a better experience and the best vendors are rewarded with more jobs located near each other for efficiency.



Web Site

Web Site

Web Site Style Tiles

Web Site Style Tiles



Rapid Product Iteration And Growth Allows Robin To Find Product/Market Fit.

By digitizing and reducing a multi-step process to schedule home lawn care, Robin has given customers their valuable time back - automating the process through technology. Using a full agile approach, Dialexa worked with Robin to get the product to market within two months. By continuing to iterate on the product, using our growth hacking methodology Robin has grown customers more than 65% month-over-month.

I’ve used outsourced development before, but the difference about working with Dialexa was that it was a true partnership from day one. We didn’t have to tell them what to do. We gave them an objective and they came back with solutions that were right for our business.