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Introducing dialexa edu.

Our one-of-a-kind educational program that provides hands-on working experience inside a real tech company. It’s not an internship or a classroom, it’s real-life work. Over the past four years, we’ve hired at least one participant from each cohort. This is Dialexa’s way to give back, to lead the way into the future and keep ourselves in check with the up-and-coming talents of tomorrow.

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dialexa edu
dialexa edu

Unlocking potential is
an unlimited resource
when it’s done right.

Over the last decade, Dialexa has rapidly evolved. Much of this growth can be attributed to our openness to internally adopt new strategies. That’s why natural leaders and problem solvers thrive here. Because they’re given the freedom and encouragement to create their own initiatives. A prime example: Dialexa EDU, our latest student mentorship program — and the brainchild of our very own Digital Product Designer, Sanjay Shah.

The value of mentorship.

Mentorship has a massive impact on business. For starters, almost everyone agrees that mentorship is essential for both companies and their employees. Yet, there are far too few programs.

dialexa edu

The cost of not having a mentorship program is steep when considering the rising retention problem most industries face. A staggering 94% of employees say they would stay longer at a company if they were offered opportunities to learn and grow. On the flip side, nine in 10 workers with a mentor say they’re happy in their jobs.

quote-mark For any company that aims to innovate, mentorship is a no-brainer. Fresh ideas don’t come to fruition in a vacuum. To get the most creativity from your employees, you must give them autonomy and the support and resources to grow. That’s a big reason why Dialexa EDU is so important to us and to our community. quote-mark


DISCIPLINES: Problem-solving methodology, research, product design, business, engineering
EXPERIENCE: team collaboration with fellow students and Dialexa employees; concepting digital products; solving real-world problems.


Experience plus outputs.

The journey is what matters most at Dialexa EDU. Even though each cohort starts with a relevant and timely problem to solve local industry challenges, we put a premium on learning, experience and working towards a collaborative outcome.

We set the table for you to grow. You take the bull by the horns.

It’s invaluable work experience that lasts eight weeks and runs alongside spring classes. In fact, we don’t call it an internship, we call it a cohort. It’s truly more of a mentorship program, and we source summer internship candidates directly from this program.

Sanjay presenting in front of EDU participants
EDU participants working with sticky notes

Selected by professors.

Cohort participants are selected from a pool provided by professor recommendations of students who seem like a good fit. Selection is not limited to students, we are also open to independent career-switch applicants. Additionally our mentorship extends far beyond the program itself. Because over the last four years, we’ve hired at least one person from each cohort session.

This is your chance to get into an environment where you’ll work on real projects and have your voice heard. A one-of-a-kind opportunity to go between the classroom and the real-world simultaneously.

This is Dialexa EDU, an experience like no other,
at a company unlike any other.
group photo of EDU participants
See Dialexa EDU in action.


Dates, Themes, Prompts
Coming Soon

More information to come!

Finding DFW Housing & Co-working Spaces

Today’s work environment looks far different than a few years ago. In Dallas’ melting pot community of both locals, transplants, and visitors, how might we connect folks to housing and co-working opportunities that correspond with broader work arrangements and lifestyles

Bringing awareness of the richness of the DFW area

What are ways we can educate the residents of Dallas in a valuable way to foster awareness and support for the history of Dallas’ districts, buildings, local businesses, schools, people, cultures, events, etc?

Fact Forward Social News

2020 brought with it an awakening in the United States political sphere. We saw local community driven organizations initiating social change on a national scale. If change starts at the bottom, how can we educate, give a voice, and make it easy for people within the local Dallas community to participate in the change they want to see? A main priority is to create a platform void of political labels, focused solely on the issues, content, and events happening in our city.

Inaugural EDU 2020
Zero-Waste in Dallas

In order to keep up with innovative cities around the states, Dallas is making their way to zero waste. Dallas wants people to be able to easily reduce their waste, see the benefits, and be incentivized to do so. Hopefully this initiative will spike the interest in things like composting, community gardens, recycling, or other environmental concerns.

March 2019 Mentorship Day
A Day in the Life of a Dialexan

Learn how designers, developers, and quality engineers collaborate at Dialexa to create custom built digital software.

Sanjay presenting to EDU participants
quote-mark It was a great honor to be a part of the 2022 Dialexa EDU program. It was great working with fellow UX designers, engineers, and the business team to complete this project, using a human-centered approach.

The program was well-thought-out by Dialexa, as we adopted an agile method to complete the task through 3 sprints. I hope EDU continues to grow and foster growth in other participants as I enjoyed every bit of my experience at Dialexa! quote-mark
– Ellen Brown, TCU Student
quote-mark Under the guidance of mentors from Dialexa, my team designed an app to help people discover the rich history and culture of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Through this project, I was able to learn how to approach problems from not only a design point of view, but through business and engineering lenses as well.

The knowledge I gained from this program will be irreplaceable as I look to continue my journey into user experience. My time spent with all of you at Dialexa will not soon be forgotten. quote-mark
– Dylan Nguyen, UTD Student

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