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In today’s volatile and uncertain business landscape, technology has become an integral part of every company’s operations – it is essential for staying competitive and meeting customer demands. Companies in every industry are transforming their businesses into digital enterprises in pursuit of tomorrow’s brilliant ideas. 

To be successful as a digital enterprise, companies must evolve rapidly and constantly to capitalize on new market opportunities. Yet companies struggle with how to deliver on customer demands, especially amid an economic downturn. There is intense pressure, in terms of capital allocation decisions and strategy, to bolster both their bottom lines and corporate reputations. How do companies today close the divide between what customers want and what the business demands? 


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Scott Harper

Founder & CEO, Dialexa, an IBM Company

Dixie Adams

Managing Partner, Hybrid Cloud Solution, IBM Consulting

Matt Gierhart

Global Lead Partner, Digital Product Engineering, IBM Consulting

Chris Garrick

Chief Strategy Officer, Dialexa, an IBM Company

Jeanette Cajide

VP, Strategy, Dialexa, an IBM Company


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