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Linking Needs to Value

Value Orchestration provides the framework for identifying what is most likely to deliver tangible value – shifting the focus from features to outcomes. By understanding your user’s needs, you can deliver solutions that address those needs and ensure that the product remains relevant and valuable over time. This supports and nurtures successful digital product transformation across the enterprise and mitigates the risk of chasing the wrong opportunities.

In our research, we noticed three priorities for CEOs impacted through Value Orchestration:

  1. Productivity or profitability
  2. Tech modernization
  3. Customer experience

From inception to outcomes, Value Orchestration allows you to track value. With the right mindset and tools, you can embrace Value Orchestration at any point during the product lifecycle and drive real change in how the business and IT connect. Continuous monitoring, feedback gathering and reporting are necessary steps to make sure the product meets both user needs effectively and sustains business value.

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  1. Make your strategy and user research tangible
  2. Align efforts based on desired outcomes
  3. Get your leadership to make data-driven decisions
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