Moe Haidar Selected as a D CEO Magazine Outstanding CFO


We are thrilled to announce that our very own Moe Haidar, Chief Financial Officer at Dialexa, has been awarded the Outstanding CFO recognition by D CEO Magazine.

This achievement is an apt reflection of his exceptional work, remarkable insights, and unwavering dedication to Dialexa’s vision.

Moe has been instrumental in transforming Dialexa’s approach to financial management, similar to how Peter Brand revolutionized baseball economics in “Moneyball.” His innovative adaptation of “nowcasting” to financial forecasting has revolutionized our approach to growth and finance. This forward-thinking technique combines immediate market signals and internal data to inform strategic planning and decision-making. It allows us to evaluate the potential impact of decisions like hiring new employees or reducing margins on specific projects. With Moe’s system, we can assess the financial consequences of our choices in real-time.

This approach has allowed Dialexa to scale rapidly, distinguishing our company within the technology industry, and even among Fortune 500 companies. Moe’s ability to harness new strategies for growth at every stage and his unparalleled financial leadership have played a pivotal role in Dialexa’s journey from a startup to an IBM-acquired company.

Beyond his financial acumen, Moe has a unique talent for cultivating trusted partnerships across the organization and with key external stakeholders. His deep understanding of Dialexa’s ecosystem allows him to view the business from both macro and micro perspectives, a skill that is invaluable when driving a company’s growth.

What truly sets Moe apart is his belief in people and his commitment to fostering collaboration. He has been a mentor to many, recognizing the untapped potential in team members and guiding them towards career growth. He is the person behind the scenes, encouraging everyone to push boundaries and think bigger.

The impact of Moe’s leadership is best encapsulated in a recent LinkedIn post in which he wrote, “The peak for any financial leader is to end his journey with a successful exit. I am proud to say that I didn’t end mine with an exit, it is a refounding of Dialexa. Monday, we officially celebrated becoming an IBM company, and I call it a new journey because we are creating a new chapter, and everyone is going to be part of the new story.”

Nick Huskisson of Guggenheim Securities, LLC, our financial advisor during the IBM acquisition, commended Moe’s ability to cultivate deeply trusted partnerships with business leaders and external stakeholders, describing him as a standout CFO.

As we celebrate this incredible achievement, we want to acknowledge that this award is not just a recognition of Moe’s exceptional work, but also a testament to his commitment to our team and his unwavering belief in Dialexa’s potential.

Congratulations, Moe, on this well-deserved recognition. Your exceptional leadership, vision, and dedication are truly inspirational, and we are honored to have you at the helm of Dialexa’s financial operations.


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