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Are your product and portfolio strategies at odds?

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Over the last decade, we have helped leading Fortune 500 companies achieve the elusive symbiosis of their product portfolio strategy. Now we're revealing our secrets.

In big organizations, transformational leaders and product managers often have different goals. Leaders focus on the vision for all products, while managers focus on the success of their specific product. When these goals clash, especially during major changes, it can halt progress and harm the business’s competitiveness.

To stay agile, businesses need to adopt a fresh approach to product development that balances both the broad vision and individual product success.
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What’s Inside?

Every aspect of an enterprise is affected by the competing priorities and perspectives of product and portfolio. Get an in-depth look at these tensions to find the real root causes and actionable remedies to foster collaboration.


5 Parts

Learn all the variables at play in part one. Then, learn common trouble areas in parts two to four. Part five brings it all together with considerations for implementation.

3 Tensions

Deep dive into the top three areas where portfolio and product strategy misalignment creates tension in an organization: functionality, finances, and operations.

11 Solutions

Learn how to not merely bridge the gap between portfolio and product – but create organizational scaffolding that intentionally supports and fosters symbiosis.

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