Scott Harper Featured In Texas CEO Magazine


Scott Harper was interviewed by Texas CEO Magazine in a feature column titled, “Stop Being Surprised! A Conversation with Dialexa CEO Scott Harper.” Harper explained why many companies are often blindsided when digital natives disrupt their industry after using Amazon Pharmacy as a perfect example of disruption.

Amazon is just one instance, but many innovative companies are disruptors when considering companies like Tesla, Robinhood, and TikTok, causing turmoil and market shifts in their industries. However, as Harper explains it, with the right approach, you don’t have to be blindsided when your business’s industry gets disrupted. Whether by competitors or new technologies entering the market, Dialexa offers clients solutions to respond and adapt to changes for continued growth quickly.


quote-mark You can give your customers the best experience, or someone else will. at the end of the day, it's that simple. quote-mark

– Scott Harper

The Dialexa solution, or how we approach a disruption occurring in a client’s industry, is a unique product-centric approach instead of IT- or marketing-led projects that often attempt and fail to deliver the value that product teams provide. IT and Marketing add tremendous value to businesses, it isn’t what drives technological advantages for digital natives. When a company adopts a product-centered approach, it can look ahead, seize these opportunities, and proactively create the future its customers want and need.

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This article was originally featured in Texas CEO Magazine.


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