The Evolving Role of the CIO

Staying relevant in the new era of digital solutions
The movement from traditional, cumbersome software systems and towards more agile, digital products and solutions is here.

CIOs are now expected to be forward-thinking and ahead of rapidly changing technologies. Now is your chance to step up, build new capabilities, and earn your seat at the table. Shifting from traditional, project-focused ways of working and thinking to an experience-led, product engineering approach that prioritizes solutions based on value is essential.


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Gone are the days of traditional IT. New roles, mindsets and structures are required to keep up with the pace of innovation and deliver value to the business. In order to thrive in this new world of IT, we dig deeper into key areas to focus on.


  • How to generate value with new thinking
  • How to optimize IT with modernization
  • How to act boldly to re-envision your entire organization
40% of total revenue for Global 2000 organizations will be generated by digital products, services, and experiences by 2026.
88% of CIOs say their role is becoming more digital and innovation focused.
2/3 CEOs stated using technology to drive more revenue generating activities will be crucial.