Value Orchestration

Find the Golden Thread and acclerate outcomes with data-driven prioritization
Tracking Value for Successful Outcomes

For enterprises looking for answers on problems while trying to drive business values, Value Orchestration is a powerful transformative program.


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Value Orchestration Image

Value Orchestration provides the framework for identifying what is most likely to deliver tangible value – shifting the focus from features to outcomes. By understanding your user’s needs, you can deliver solutions that address those needs and ensure that the product remains relevant and valuable over time. This supports and nurtures successful digital product transformation across the enterprise and mitigates the risk of chasing the wrong opportunities

You will learn:
  • Make your strategy and user research tangible. Identify and breakdown value based on research and then align this to your desired strategic outcomes to prioritize product development efforts. Measure and report incremental value on a continuous basis.
  • Align efforts based on desired outcomes. Prioritize existing backlog to desired outcomes, continuously measure and report on their success and how the value delivered aligns to strategic outcomes. Identify new initiatives to further support your strategic outcomes.
  • Get your leadership to make data-driven decisions. Decisions are based on the data provided through measure and report. Based on this data, work is prioritized by mapping effort to value and then you identify the backlog that you hypothesize will be aligned to strategic outcomes.