Future of Connected, Electrified Equipment

Imagining and visualizing the future impact

A global heavy equipment company

With a goal to "Connect everything to the Cloud by 2026" and the electrification of equipment top of mind, Dialexa was asked to help define the "Why?", "What?", "When?", "Where?", and "How?" to deliver a customer-centric vision for its Compact Utility Tractor (“CUT") business.
  • Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Design Thinking
  • User Research
  • Journey Mapping
  • Collaboration

A Vision for the Future of Tractors

Dialexa identified research goals and targeted users for a connected CUT. We conducted empathy mapping to understand the emotional connection of the users with their work.  From this, we created a journey map to highlight the opportunities that arise when purchasing, connecting, maintaining, and repairing the tractor. 

Dialexa highlighted the value of the electric and connected CUT tractors to the client stakeholders. We identified use cases and created envisioned applications to improve satisfaction and brand stickiness. 

Clear Vision Set to Mow Forward

Utilizing storyboards, the Dialexa team was able to help the client envision the future of a connected and electrified CUT.  We were able to communicate that vision to internal stakeholders for organizational buy-in.

Validated a Vision of the Future

Dialexa validated concepts of the future experience through user research directly with current and potential customers.

Identified New Opportunities

Mapping the user journey contextualized the experience and helped expose new opportunities for the client to provide a unique experience.

Gained Organization's Support

The resulting artifacts led to increased organizational support. As a result, additional digital and process transformation initiatives were launched.


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