Making The Most Disconnected Mobile Device In The World — Automobiles — Connected.

Disrupting the entire automotive industry is not exactly the typical challenge a startup would take on, or even a large well backed company for that matter. But for the Dialexa team, no dream has ever been too big. Vinli was born out of and incubated within Dialexa Labs in 2014 because we are committed to solving complicated problems and completely changing industries.

The automobile is the last unconnected aspect of our lives. Most car’s stay on the road for an average of about 10 years and the technology stays the same throughout the entire ownership lifecycle. In fact, the technology in a car is outdated the moment it leaves the assembly line. On the contrary technology on our phones, in our homes and every other aspect of our lives is rapidly evolving.

One major go-to-market challenge that had to be considered was changing a very fragmented industry — as every automaker has their own technology and they weren’t eager to collaborate. Vinli’s vision was to turn cars into a blazing fast wifi hotspot and connect the driver to the vast amount of data and services provided by auto manufacturers, mobile carriers, dealerships, insurance companies, service shops, software developers, and OEM suppliers with just one simple device and more importantly, put the data in the hands of the consumers using one of the fastest and most reliable LTE networks.

Additionally, we also had to take into consideration geographic constraints as Vinli envisioned tackling the global market.



Created The Most Comprehensive Connected Car Platform In The World.

The team conceived and created the most powerful and comprehensive connected car platform in the world reimagining the in car experience for both drivers and passengers. The solution is comprised of the most powerful connected car platform and OBD-II device out there, the most comprehensive app store for any car or model, and the most diverse suite of applications and services for vehicles. It is the most advanced connected car solution on the planet.

Vinli brings a blazing fast LTE Wifi hotspot to the car allowing drivers and passengers to never be without connectivity. Imagine your kids streaming Netflix in the backseat while your front seat passenger catches up on work email while heading to the family vacation. And if trouble strikes, the connection can link you up to emergency services automatically— help is never out of reach.

The developer platform allows software and app developers to bring their solutions to the entire car driving world expanding the reach of their businesses or creating new ones altogether.

The Vinli App Store gives consumers a wide range of apps that’s growing every day and provides infinite options for tailoring your smart-car experience to take you anywhere you want to go. The Vinli solution provides cores services such as eCall, My Service Shop and Roadside Assistance, as well as a wide array of apps from the developer community. So, whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your teen driver’s with Beagle or want one of the most used driver apps in the world like Dash, the Vinli App Store has you covered.

In order to bring this amazing Vinli technology to the consumer market as quickly as possible to the vast majority of cars on the road today, we developed the Vinli OBD-II device which works on all cars in the US manufactured after 1996. The Vinli OBD-II device plugs into the OBD-II port of the car providing instant access to not only the car’s own data, but also a wide array of sensor data including GPS, Bluetooth, and an accelerometer, plus WiFi powered by one of the most advanced LTE modules on the market. To put it more succinctly, the Vinli device is a modern day cell phone without a speaker. The hardware was also designed and developed for use in both the USA and International markets.

The entire solution was custom built by the Vinli and Dialexa Labs teams right in the heart of Dallas, TX. This includes designing, architecting and developing the Vinli platform including Vinli’s cloud-based services, Web API, iOS SDK, and Android SDK, the Vinli OBD-II device, the first mobile applications to seed the Vinli App Store as well as the backend technology to offer developers building on the Vinli platform the tools and services they need.

The Vinli solution is the most advanced connected car platform on the market today and we are proud to be part of the team bringing this to you.






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Vinli Direct SDK - © Vinli

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Vinli Developer Portal - © Vinli

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Vinli App Store - © Vinli



We Leveraged Technology To Change An Entire Industry And Attract Capital From Major Players In The Market.

Vinli and the Dialexa Labs team took an idea and within nine months had a working prototype and six mobile applications developed. The team entered the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Competition in San Francisco and was named to the top 7 most disruptive startups out of over 700 entrants. By June 2015, Vinli announced a $6.5 million dollar investment from some of the biggest players in the automotive and technology worlds — Samsung Ventures, Continental, Cox Automotive and early backer of Tesla, the Westly Group. Most recently First Round Capital, one of the backers of Uber and Square, led a follow on investment in Vinli.

In May 2015, Vinli split off from Dialexa Labs and runs independently. The Dialexa team is committed to helping our clients achieve the same level of success and we take the same partnership approach with all of our clients. This is only the beginning of Dialexa Labs and the Vinli story. Stay tuned.

Starting from nothing, we wanted (in 3 months) to build and surpass what took our competitors years to achieve. This seemingly impossible and highly complex task was only possible because of the talent, dedication, and hard work of the team at Dialexa. Because of this, we are leading the connected car market on the global stage.