Symbiotic Product & Portfolio Strategy eBook

AgileProduct Approach

To stay agile, businesses need to adopt a fresh approach to product development that balances both the broad vision and individual product success.

Learn actionable strategies in our five-part, 97-page ebook on navigating the natural tensions between strategy-minded transformational leaders and product leaders executing the plans. This ebook provide 11 actionable solutions to help reduce tension and develop high-performing teams.

  • PART 1 How Portfolio vs. Product Sabotages Opportunities for Market Disruption
  • PART 2 Financial Tensions & Solutions
  • PART 3 Functional Tensions & Solutions
  • PART 4 Operational Tensions & Solutions
  • PART 5 How to Put These Solutions Into Action

Want to dive in and read all 11 solutions?

Russell Villemez
Russell Villemez

Senior Partner

Vivek Vijayaraghavan


Stephanie Payne

Principal, Product Management


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