Featured Dialexa Labs Companies

Vinli is a connected car platform that enables developers to create applications and services for consumers. The platform includes an OBD-II device that is customizable through our patent-pending backpack technology, a suite of applications created by Vinli, and applications created by developers within the Vinli community.

Developers using our platform will gain access to cloud-based services and functionalities that are abstracted through API’s and ready to use SDK’s, which can be used to build applications and services for the car.


Robin is bringing 21st century convenience to the $40 billion lawn care industry. With just your address you can receive an instant quote for lawn service. Robin also let's you view and adjust your scheduled service and set-up automatic payments.

As a Robin certified lawn care service provider you get greater exposure to clients that you wouldn't otherwise get. Robin handles billing and scheduling appointments in a way that makes their team more efficient.


Rosy is the first research-based technology solution for women who suffer from low libido.

Rosy was created to start a conversation and connect women with low sexual desire with available resources. Our goal is not only to improve desire, but also self-esteem, overall sexual health, and relationships with partners.

In a few years, women everywhere will know what a common problem this is and they will be able to easily get the help that they need and deserve.