Enhancing the Loan Origination Experience


Financial services company

This financial technology provider realized that it’s loan origination and management service which was tailored to large institutions, was complex, and required a lengthy implementation and high-touch training period. Acknowledging that this would not work for penetrating the SMB market, they asked Dialexa to help them simplify and re-imagine the loan origination experience so that they could expand into a new segment of their market.
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  • Engagement Manager
  • Design Lead
  • Research & Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Nielsen Usability Heuristic
  • Strategy

Heuristic Evaluations

Deploying our Design Thinking methodologies, the Dialexa team performed heuristic evaluations across 9 key user flows, identifying pain points, complexity, and the effort of implementing each identified opportunity. They then rolled up their sleeves and dug into the details to perform a comprehensive current state Information Architecture (IA) analysis covering 43 different screens.


Finally, the team synthesized all of their outputs and began to re-imagine the user experience through key wireframes and design recommendations for future workflows, setting the stage for what a simplified, implementable and right-sized application could be that will differentiate them within the loan origination space for small to medium banks.

9 Key Flows Analyzed: Heuristic Evaluations

Leveraging Nielsen usability heuristics, we analyzed the critical workflows to identify the issues from minor to show stoppers to catalog areas of improvement

Reduced Complexity: Usability Improvements

Leveraging the heuristic evaluations and current IA we addressed those usability issues to reduce complexity and friction across the board

Reimagined Experience

Keeping the heart of loan origination, we began to re-imagine what the experience could be working to create greater transparency, speed and to reduce the number of touch points for both the customers and underwriters


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