Enterprise Architecture Strategy for Scale and Growth

Strategic alignment of technology capabilities

Privately owned battery marketing and distribution company

To stay competitive in the market, our Client needed to unite their fragmented technology architecture and move towards a more agile, responsive platform that could evolve and scale with their business. The biggest hurdle towards this goal was a fractured workforce. Our Client’s IT department was siloed from the rest of the company, and with that division, came a push-pull dynamic and lack of trust that left little room for such an innovative collaboration.

Our Client needed to set the vision and develop a plan for moving away from a fragmented technology architecture and move to a more agile and responsive platform that would evolve and scale with the business.
  • Product Strategist
  • Product Manager
  • Engagement Manager
  • Research & Design
  • Technology Strategy

Self-Sustaining Model

The team conducted workshops designed to empower the client with a self-sustaining model by ensuring that the concepts could be deployed and sustained without relying on ongoing support from an outside vendor. The Dialexa technology strategy team took a highly collaborative approach to create a vision and plan that would bring business partners together and align technology plans. 


The plan became a rallying point for changing the relationship between the business and the technology teams.  This new relationship aligned technology as a new strategic partner, influencing the business plan and the entire business organizational structure.

25% Projected Reduction in Run Costs

The plan projected a 25% reduction run costs, creating incremental room for discretionary investment.

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Strategy: Business Transformation

The commitment to a multi-year plan is viewed as a lynchpin in the required transformation of the organization.

Alignment: Technology Complexity

Business leadership developed an appreciation for the complexity of IT and how their choices contributed to the current state.


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