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Improving customer satisfaction through the car buying journey

Multinational automotive manufacturer

A luxury OEM engaged Dialexa to research and validate options for technology solutions to help drive customer satisfaction, legacy retention, and new customer acquisition. This automaker made the decision to go full battery-electric in North America by the year 2030, and needed creative ways to drive this adoption. Additionally, this brand slowly transitioned to a net defector brand in the marketplace over time, losing out on rivals innovation and model experience and engagement.
  • Design Lead
  • Product Manager
  • Designer
  • Architect
  • Engagement Manager
  • Research & Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Software Engineering
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Speeding past competition

With these challenges in mind, the focus was on determining the best way to:

  • Flip potential defectors
  • Grow awareness and adoption of fleet innovation and model expansion
  • Effectively compete against loaner car companies
  • Improve retention
Addressing key challenges to improving guest experience
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Dialexa took a prescriptive approach to working with our customer in order to further uncover the challenges they are facing today, and the challenges the expect to see in the future. This included conducting multiple, in-depth, strategic workshops with key executives and brand stakeholders, and engaging directly with team members at dealerships and service/collision centers as they navigated their daily guest experiences.

Roadmap Product Strategy

Based on research and best practice, Dialexa provided a well-defined product roadmap to guide the launch of the new product.

Guest Experience Satisfaction

Using design thinking principles, workshops and ‘day in the life’ fact finding missions, the Dialexa team identified the delighters and key features needed to exceed clients expectations.

Technology Ecosystem

Leveraging a holistic product mindset to re-imagine the technology solution, Dialexa effectively tapped into the client’s complex internal technology ecosystem to deliver an engaging modern customer experience approach.


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