Increasing Money Transfer Efficiency

Utilizing cryptocurrency to create industry-defining money transfer solution

This fintech client is a money transfer app to send money from the United States

Our Client's strategies have helped mobilize the movement of money while leading customer-centric capabilities. With over 150 million users, they leverage their API-driven platform to collaborate with the world’s top brands.

As a global leader in the evolution of digital P2P payments, they deliver innovative financial solutions to connect the world’s communities. They began looking for a partner to help with their new ideas for technology advancement. Their main challenge was to design and develop an industry defining money transfer solution that would reduce fees and pips by utilizing cutting edge cryptocurrency technology. This client needed to comply with customer requirements and wanted to move into new markets.
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Design Thinking
  • Delivery Assurance
  • Collaborative Quality
  • Design System
Image shows the money transfer application on an iPhone

Custom User Experience Supports Growth

The Dialexa team held workshops to map out API integrations and design a solution. The team found a way to repurpose a part of the original frontend we built for the Client in another project.

Once we defined the gold standard, we redesigned the online banking experience to balance simplicity and speed with complexity and nuance. Power customers had the same functionality to control details around their banking, while the average customer completed their tasks more efficiently and satisfactorily. With the new designs in place, we tested the user tasks and compared our results to the previous benchmark. Our results proved the value of simplicity and visual hierarchy.

Improved transfers, boosted innovation and meeting customer demands

The new application and platform is a low-cost way to transfer money using a secure cryptocurrency backend quickly. Additionally, the platform enabled faster transaction speed, reducing the required cash in retail centers and creating a safer work environment. By leveraging blockchain, Dialexa was able to help transform its money transfer technology.

10 Mins Speedy Transfers

Using Ripple-based technology, transfer time was decreased from 3 days to 10 minutes.

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1 Month Return on Investment

The new application was so successful in the first month that it paid for itself several times over.

Dollar Sign
$25 Million Net New Revenue

Using the new application, customers transferred more than a billion dollars in the first month, generating $25 mil in new revenue.


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