Improving the Online Banking Experience

New solution drives system usability and adoption

Multi-national company that provides financial technology services

This global leader in financial services technology was looking to drive adoption and engagement of their digital banking products by unifying and improving the experience for their customers with a better design.
  • Designer
  • Engagement Manager
  • Research & Design
There is an iPhone showing the software application in action with a computer screen beside it showing our software as well.

Setting the standard

The Dialexa Research & Design team partnered with our Client’s user experience team to define the new “gold standard” for online banking. We selected a variety of experiences which included major financial institutions, credit unions, and related online fintech startups to set the benchmark in the financial marketplace.


The newly designed online banking solution raised the System Usability Scale (SUS) by 28 points, achieving the “gold standard” rating in this industry rating scale.  By increasing the usability, our Client predicts a 300% increase in adoption, resulting in increased revenue opportunity.

88 System Usability Score

​Redesigned solution achieved a ‘Promoter’ score on the System Usability Scale

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+66% Usability Improvement

User testing demonstrated a significant improvement in effectiveness and efficiency of common tasks

3X User Adoption

The new design is projected to drive more than 300% higher user adoption rates


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