Modern Operating Room Management Solution

Modern UI and scalable platform to support data-driven decisions in operating rooms

A national healthcare innovator specializing in transforming surgical operations

Our Client was facing a software development learning curve. This healthcare consulting firm's sales & implementation team had a vision of how their product could optimize operating room efficiency, show the financial impact of those improvements and generate more accurate insights by optimizing the data and user interface. The opportunity to offer clients a solution to track operating room performance better was a key focus.
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  • Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Engagement Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Research & Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Strategy

Accelerating towards growth

The Dialexa team began by highlighting opportunities to deliver value across the product ecosystem which included patient outcomes, clinical staff, nurse managers, and OR directors as well as other support personnel.  We engaged a multi-disciplinary team to research, strategize, design and build an improved user experience accounting for the unique customer data needs, as well as legal and regulatory requirements associated with software in the medical field and PII. We focused on shifting the product entry earlier in the lifecycle of a consulting engagement, with a desired impact of continued engagement and accelerating progress towards growth objectives.

Improved customer experience while preparing for future growth and scalability

The updated product improved the customer experience and helped coach and prepare the company for future growth and scalability tied to the architecture, multi-language interface, and simplified deployments.  Most importantly, it’s making a real difference in patients’ lives and the health of hospitals and health systems across the US.

200% + Sales Performance Against Goal

Step-change advancements in product utility and user experience fueled growth both in new accounts and in expansion of business for existing clients.

Rapid Prototyping & Delivery of Next-Gen Features

Rapid Prototyping of upcoming features enabled fast customer feedback loops that ultimately improved product/market fit.

Significant Reduction in New Customer Onboarding Times

Our work automated new customer onboarding, cutting a previously weeks-long process down to under 30 minutes, unlocking new revenue streams by enabling a Product-Led Growth GTM model for all services.


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