Women's Sexual Health and Wellness


Ultimate app for women looking to improve their sexual health and overall well-being.

Developed by doctors and psychologists, Rosy is the first-of-its-kind platform for the 43% of us who experience sexual concerns.

Our Client had a vision for a technology-based solution for the 30% of women who suffer from low libido. The solution needed to be private, secure, convenient, and always accessible, providing women with evidence-based resources and medical professionals.
  • Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • UI/UX Desginer
  • Research & Design
  • Software Engineering

Robust and complete solution

Dialexa was engaged to design and develop this platform and launch it to the marketplace.  The team used design-thinking methodologies to unify stakeholders and identify the best design and approach to provide a robust and complete solution. 

App became the voice for women suffering from low libido

The end result was a subscription based solution that would also allow for easy access to resources, be used for live conversations with medical professionals, and access to other traditional content that supports the companies vision for a modern and convenient solution.

The Client app quickly became the voice and solution for the 38% of women suffering from low sexual desire. The app has gained a large roster of medical professionals and has seen above average conversion rates to paid subscriptions.

4X Conversion Rate

The product achieved four times the industry average in conversions to paid subscriptions

2600+ Medical Practitioners

More than 2,600 mental health and medical practitioners have used this app to better serve the needs of their patients

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84 Million Growth Opportunity

The modern solution reaches millions of women suffering from low sexual desire and connects them to the experts and treatment they deserve.


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