Modern, Scalable Tax Platform to Unlock Market Share

New platform and architecture brings new opportunities

A state and local tax firm

The Client needed to re-envision and engineer a twenty-year-old legacy platform that was no longer optimized. Underpinned by the updated platform, the Client could shift their focus to leading the industry through technical innovation and a people-centric approach.
  • Engineer
  • Designer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Software Engineering
  • Product Strategy
  • Maintenance
  • Product Management
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Journey Mapping

Customer Journey

Dialexa began by understanding their business requirements and end-to-end Customer touch points. Working with a complete picture, the team aligned the new strategy and delivery to the reality of our Client’s needs.  

Modern platform supports massive growth

The end result was a sophisticated platform that seamlessly processes complex transactions and powers the Client’s business. By adapting the experience to be more data-centric, the solution enabled dramatically improved efficiency and ease-of-use. A modern tech-stack and modular architecture gave the Client an adaptable foundation that allowed them to capture new opportunities, growth, and revenue during a tough national financial crisis.

10X Growth

The new platform and architecture enabled tremendous company growth

66% Improved Efficiency

Processing time was significantly reduced by adapting the workflow to fit the needs of users

100% COVID-19 Productivity

During the global COVID-19 pandemic the Client was able to maintain full operations without disruption


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