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Transforming the workflow required to configure and quote complex deals, making it faster and less labor intensive so more deals would be won.

Our Enterprise client needed an innovative solution to replace inefficient processes relying on Excel® and PowerPoint® documents not readily accessible by all sales team members. A transformative process was required to streamline the sales pipeline, allowing for real-time sharing and collaboration for all individuals involved in sales pursuits (sales executives, architects, etc.) to configure and navigate through deals with necessary approvals. The solution must also integrate with existing Salesforce® technology to pull opportunity data and maintain pricing details.
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Transformed the sale cycle

By relying on separate spreadsheets and macros to manage deals along the sales pipeline, it took more work for internal teams to manage versions of those deals and the associated rates. The process needed to be streamlined for faster turnaround times and accurate pricing history.


Order of magnitude (weeks to days, days to hours) reduction in the time to quote complex deals, resulting in more wins and reduced SG&A expenses.
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Cloud-Based Infrastructure

A collaborative digital platform holistically streamlined the sales pipeline by transforming a process that relied on spreadsheets to a cloud-based system, accessible by the entire team.

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3X Faster Sales Pipeline

Reduced the process time (qualification to pricing) down from more than a week to just 24 hours.

New avenues for innovation

The new digital platform opens up avenues for further enhancement such as analytics and self service models that benefit the entire business.


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