Game-changing accuracy and speed analysis of golf balls

Tracking golf balls through RFID technology

A multibillion-dollar family entertainment company

This Global Sports and Entertainment Co. needed to modernize their RFID golf ball sorter to ensure their golf balls and games worked as designed. They wanted to leverage technology to create an entirely new, family-friendly golf activity. They are constantly innovating to improve the customer experience, and expanding platforms to create a global community of high-tech golf for all ages. The offering is all about accuracy and shot-making rather than traditional golf.
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Golf ball in motion moving towards the hole

Improving Volume and Accuracy

The Dialexa team utilized rapid prototyping methodology to identify potential solutions, uncover design improvements and modernize the sorting machine. The team visited venues and evaluated pain points, speed, accuracy, and cost. The research was used to design and build a better machine that increased the speed by 5x and improved accuracy from 72% to 100%.

Patented innovation creating fundamental shift in operation services

The team went from concept to prototype in the field in less than six months.  The pilot exceeded expectations in volume and accuracy, and the venues recognized operational savings as soon as they plugged in the faster, 99.9% accurate, lower-cost machine. This has been called a “game changer” by Client leadership.

5X Faster Processing

The new machine processed balls 5x faster, resulting in the venues’ ability to refocus operational labor.

10X Customer Experience

The new hardware eliminated an annoying error that affected customers’ games in a very disruptive way. The new hardware turned a problematic experience into what that client has called “a game changer.”

Dollar Sign
$Millions in Operational Savings

The increased accuracy and speed of the ball reader eliminated costly ball recycling and labor overruns, saving millions of dollars a year.


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