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Smiling waitress using a digital tablet while taking lunch order from guests sitting at a restaurant table. Woman working at a restaurant taking order from a group of people.

The secret to success in a competitive restaurant market is hidden in your data.

Smiling waitress using a digital tablet while taking lunch order from guests sitting at a restaurant table. Woman working at a restaurant taking order from a group of people.

Data and AI support:

  • Enhanced Customer Experiences – convenient ordering options such as mobile apps, self-service kiosks, loyalty programs, and online ordering platforms, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increases in Operational Efficiency – reduce manual labor, minimize errors, optimize resource allocation, manage inventory and order processing, leading to cost savings and improved profitability
  • Ability to Adapt and Innovate –  quickly adapt to changing customer demands by offering new features, pricing, menu items, and ordering methods

IBM watsonx Orders Delivers on AI

Dialexa offers IBM watsonx Orders™ an AI-powered voice agent that accurately takes orders from your drive-thru guests and speeds them to the pay window. It supports many use cases, including loyalty programs and mobile orders.

How We Help Our Clients

Here are a few examples of how we help quick service restaurants and franchise organizations increase revenue.
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AI-Powered Franchise Automation

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline and optimize various aspects of franchise operations, including management, customer service, marketing, and decision-making. Key areas AI can support are improved demand forecasting, dynamic pricing & menu optimization, personalized marketing, and training and performance.

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Customer Service Excellence

Developing digital solutions to create efficient, friendly, and consistent service that exceeds customer expectations with channels for easy feedback and resolution to support continuous improvement.

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Customer Experience Transformation

Strategically reimagining and improving every touchpoint of the customer journey to enhance satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, business performance from streamlining ordering and menu optimization, to hyper personalization and continuous improvement initiatives.

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Innovation &. Digital Product Development

Conceptualizing, designing, building, and launching digital products or services, such as software applications, mobile apps, websites, or digital platforms. It involves a series of steps aimed at creating products that meet user needs, solve specific problems, and provide value in the digital realm.

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