Modernized, revenue-producing franchisee platform

Replacing legacy platform with modern app for franchisees

American fast food corporation listed on Fortune 1000 companies

An iconic global restaurant brand needed its outdated legacy systems and operations to be streamlined and re-imagined. Many of these processes were critical to each franchise's day-to-day operations. For example, updating menus and coupons would take hours, ultimately slowing the Client down. The overall goals were to simplify the process, eliminate errors, and enable self-service for franchisees.
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Solution provides flexible system

We conducted gap analysis, journey mapping, and service design workshops, which informed strategy and design to identify workflow interactions and critical features needed. The team designed a web-based solution that supports data management and distribution related to menus, inventory, and pricing strategies. The solution enhances back-of-house capabilities, offering a flexible system to manage front-of-house workflows and point-of-sale systems.

A New Modern App for Franchisees

This digital transformation improves in-house workflows by reducing process redundancy, enabling significant improvements around inventory management, and also catalyzes future innovation. This dramatically reduces the cost to process each change (of which there are many) while accelerating the deployment of each shift. That makes each restaurant location more responsive to its competition and more competitive. That increases revenue and margins.

New Enterprise Platform

Provides an automated self-service platform to franchisees, saving labor costs by minimizing request streams centered around pricing and inventory.

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5X Time on Task Reduction

Accelerates cycle times to update menus and pricing, simplifies work flow redundancies, and time on task efficiencies.

Focus Innovation Strategy

Enabled a flexible, modular solution, allowing for strategy, planning and focus of value-added changes.  Improvements were made across the corporate, franchisee, and end-to-end customer experiences.


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