Micro-Investing Platform

Securely invest in your favorite creators

Crowdsurf enables anyone to invest in creators: Creators get cash to build their empires; investors get a small cut of everything the creator does.

Crowdsurf was on a mission to transform how passionate fans discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love. The goal was to build a virtual community or hub that connects adoring and supportive fans to their favorite independent artists, gamers, streamers, and musicians. By investing in the creators, the fans and supporters would directly contribute to their success by helping fund the costs of running a content creation business. If the creator performs well and the investors/fans realize profits, they feel as if they own a piece of their favorite band or artist's success. Crowdsurf envisioned this community being an effortless and engaging digital platform, and they partnered with Dialexa for our expertise in elegant user experience and design.
  • Software Engineer
  • Designer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Quality & Testing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Product Design
  • Software Engineering

Refining the product vision

Dialexa stepped in as a partner, leveraging the prior user research and regulations and using it as a guide for journey mapping, front-end experience, and go-to-market strategy.

Through workshops and user interviews, the Dialexa’s team of product engineers refined the product vision and scope and deepened the target user profiles. Thanks to the prior research done by the team at Crowdsurf, Dialexa had a clear understanding of user needs, and developed prototypes to test and validate a minimum viable product.

Image of the Crowdsurf screen

As a result, the Dialexa team then designed and developed the technology platform and front-end to support the V1 feature set. We conducted build/buy assessments and designed and developed a technology architecture to support payments and brokerage integrations. Our advanced security technologies were able to manage complex transactions while delivering an engaging and robust experience.

Product Strategy: Vision, Market Research & MVP

Conducted user research to finalize target user personas/journeys and ultimately refine the product vision by identifying features and unaddressed needs.

Experience Development: UI Development & User Testing

The prototypes for user testing enabled the creation of a robust, modern, and intuitive experience.

Product Release: Solution Design & Development

Developed a modern front-end web app that allows users to easily invest in content creators.


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