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Our client had a revolutionary, innovative, trademarked concept to change how we interact with our television experience. This new product would bring the two-way communication to the century old industry traditionally only a one-way channel.

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Flexible, scalable T-Commerce product

GrabTV’s Television Commerce (T-Commerce) product vision encompasses a client-side app for televisions, a mobile application for complex user interactions, administrative tools for managing and marking up content, an executive dashboard for visualizing clickthrough rates, and a server that effectively connects it all. With a desire to scale this Proof-of-Concept (POC) for commercial use, GrabTV partnered with Dialexa.

Dialexa’s approach to developing and scaling GrabTV’s T-Commerce product involved using a cross-functional product squad to design and build a commercialized version of GrabTV’s proof of concept, prioritizing based on what was needed for GrabTV to gain traction in the market.

Dialexa constantly made decisions around technology that reduced long-term commitments, consequently setting up the client for being able to build for flexibility with an uncertain future. This involved opting to use third-party services for inventory management, payment processing, and user authentication, with the key intention of delivering a product that is scalable and adaptable to changing needs.


In addition, Dialexa’s plan included conducting various workshops, establishing a feature-set roadmap, designing user flows and wireframes, and crafting clickable prototypes for the TV design and dashboard. This set GrabTv up for better conversations with potential investors, enabling a path to funding and a pilot release.

5 Pivots With 15 Minor Pivots

In support of soliciting funding, we created something adaptable that was able to change how we presented to clients. “We consistently made technology decisions that didn’t box us in a corner.“ –  Dialexa Engineering Lead. Knowing that our tech could limit the ability to receive investment from interested parties, we built the applications as flexible as possible so that the solution could be device-agnostic. This allowed us to appeal to the right investing partners.

Disrupting a Century Old Industry

With our polling feature, we were able to disrupt the format for Television anchors. For 100 years, television was a one-way channel. With our pilot, we provided TV anchors feedback to adjust what they talked about. The result provided more engagement for the broadcast.

1st Investor: Funding and Traction

Our prototype helped GrabTv find its first major investor in less than a year. We took a video concept and built a live pilot and product vision in less than 9 months with a nimble team. We saw 96% user engagement in our pilot, helping us solidify a successful pilot to continue commercialization work.


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