Optimizing Hospital Inventory

Modernizing complex and diverse hospital system for drug inventory levels

Wholesale Pharmaceutical Distributor

This top pharmaceutical distributor wanted to invest in the success of their customers by creating a modern approach to track and optimize drug inventory levels across a complex and diverse hospital system.
  • Engagement Manager
  • Design Lead
  • Researcher
  • Designer
  • Scrum Master
  • Architect
  • Research & Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Development
  • Collaborative Quality
  • Product Strategy

Design-thinking methodologies

Engaged with prospective hospital systems and pharmacy leaders to perform customer research and translated that research into a view into the voice of the customer.  Utilizing that voice of the customer plus collaboration with internal stakeholders, Dialexa leveraged design-thinking methodologies through persona and service blueprint workshops to develop an overall vision and direction that aligned different business units with technology solutions. In addition, statistical models were leveraged to reduce overall inventory levels and carrying costs associated with that inventory. 

Competitive Advantage while reducing costs

The new vision and strategy was projected to reduce inventory costs by 30% – 40% and created a value add differentiator in the market place of increasing customer loyalty and retention.

30-40% Lower Carrying Costs

Statistical models that refined inventory levels and reordered points across the hospital

Stickiness Customer Retention

The embedded solution created a value differentiator and barrier to reduce customers switching providers in a competitive marketplace

Leverage Supplier Contracts

Improved visibility into inventory movement at the point of distribution increased the client’s distributor / manufacturer value propositions


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