Healthcare Purchasing Platform Driving Better Outcomes

Influenced purchasing decisions with new API platform

Healthcare Services Industry Company

The Client sought a partner to help design and develop an end-to-end solution to integrate and consolidate their various back-end systems. The new system would be intended to position them as a leader in the healthcare services industry. A platform was needed to provide detail for business-critical purchasing decisions via a dashboard that summarizes data from multiple applications.
  • Software Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Scrum Master
  • Quality Engineer
  • Design Thinking
  • Delivery Assurance
  • Research & Design
  • Design & Software Engineering

Design, architect, build and deploy a new platform

The Dialexa Research & Design team developed a prototype to demonstrate the power of the new platform to garner board support and rally the Client around the effort. Dialexa defined a product roadmap with a phased approach to mitigate the complexity of a “Big Bang” overhaul.  The overall design strategy focused on a new user experience that could be brought to market faster while introducing new features and functionality over time. 

Our engineering team was brought in for data migration and creating an all in one platform rather than multiple adjacent platforms. The old system was time-consuming for employees and required a lot of manual data entry work between calls and emails. With an overall need for automating the process, we stepped up.

Modern, scalable architecture

The result was a transformed solution that allowed customers and employees a better overall user experience. Relieving employees of the manual data entry work, the ease of a fillable and searchable index became a reality allowing for better future purchasing decisions.

3X Speed to Market

The stability of the new back end systems allowed for 3x faster time to market.

Modernize Legacy Systems

A modernized solution allowed for seamless migration to a service based architecture and standardized user experience.

+2 New Revenue Streams

The new user experience enabled this Client to add net new features over time, resulting in additional net new revenue streams.


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