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Modernize iDonate’s fundraising platform by providing innovative new tools to expand their clients’ reach with donors.

Fundraising in the non-profit sector traditionally lags behind its for-profit counterparts. iDonate wanted to close this gap for themselves and their clients. We collaborated with them to reimagine a new tech-forward platform that allowed them to deliver new capabilities to their clients, optimize their business, and increase their effectiveness with donors.
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  • UI/UX Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Quality Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Design Thinking
  • Service Blueprinting
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Agile & Iterative Development
  • Roadmap
  • Release Planning
  • Journey Mapping
  • Migration Strategy

To make change, you have to dream big.

The client came to Dialexa struggling to believe their dream product would ever see the light of day. The donation-collection platform they were using was fully functional but had reached its capacity and was limiting the company’s growth objectives. The UI was stale and product engagement was fading. This challenge presented our team with a unique opportunity to create technology with a truly beneficial humanistic purpose by upgrading the not-for-profit fundraising sector for good.

quote-mark It feels good when we get to work on projects that impact people in positive ways and helping to reshape how digital fundraising interactions happen was truly a rewarding experience. quote-mark

– Jesse H,  Dialexa Design Lead

Time to rethink. Refresh. Redesign and rediscover.

Our process started with understanding. We set out to understand the users and existing systems and how the current design failed to meet the user and client needs. Once we had all the details, we moved onto synthesizing it into a cohesive picture – bringing all the information gathered together and identifying themes and patterns that helped us reach the desired outcome.

In the next phase we moved into a stage we call Map & Document. This is the point where we take research documentation and generate maps that communicate our findings in a simplified format to guide next steps. This mapping stage includes empathy and journey mapping that gets intimately detailed into the consumer engagement mindset and motivations.

The final foundational stage is our deep UI Audit. We began to review the existing code-base and implementation on component buildout in React. The UI audit reviews all existing code-base and the initial build out begins. Our processes are detailed, but our clients are never left in the dark. This iterative methodology builds our partnership in collaboration for every step of the process.

Hear from Raymond Gary, Founder of iDonate

Upleveling the technical landscape of a market segment to provide a more functional and scalable tool is a winning combination in any industry. In this case we redefined it.

When the final product was delivered with its state-of-the-art functionality, the CEO nearly fell out of his chair. He soon said that he could have never imagined that this was actually their product.

Today the API is in full swing – delivering more users and a simplified, stress-free interface that facilitates fundraising with ease. The platform’s strength lies in allowing for more growth, better engagement and an optimized format that smoothes out the fundraising process for both clients and consumers.

As a result of our detailed process, this client has continually scored us at a 10 on NPS.

quote-mark Our relationship with Dialexa has been a game changer for us. We could not be happier. The value you guys provide us has become crucial to the direction we are moving. quote-mark

– Michael-David, VP Product, iDonate

The process of trust.

Aside from the cutting-edge tech advances we made here, the biggest bright spot was found in the partnership aspect of our process. At the onset of the project some stakeholders were skeptical if Dialexa could deliver anything remotely close to their desired outcome. Luckily, we stuck to what we know and trusted our iterative process to deliver.

From our mapping and findings we identified opportunities and structural changes to the UI that would deliver the desired outcome. Working together through these crucial early points forged a partnership that blossomed. The result was an excellent product that far surpassed expectations.

Gratitude. When you’re dealing with charity and fundraising you learn to appreciate things and express a deeper sense of gratitude yourself. Seeing the client react to an actualized, well-executed solution that had only been a pipe dream in their mind was truly wonderful. It’s moments like these that really make Dialexans proud and ever grateful for having the opportunity to make a difference in the businesses and lives of the people that we partner with. By aligning our vision with our clients, we’re able to build truly amazing technological innovations.

quote-mark Great people, highly professional and deliver against expectations …It’s easy to get up in the morning because if we do our job well, our clients will have the funds to change the world. We see our job as a service to you. I often tell our team that our job is to bless those we serve. There is a quote generally attributed to Martin Luther that reads, “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on shoes, but by making good shoes, because God cares about good craftsmanship.” So do we. Here, we’re making great shoes. quote-mark

– Raymond Gary, CEO, iDonate

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