Increasing Store Productivity


A global restaurant brand

The client, an international pizza chain, faced the challenge of effectively managing a high volume of support calls.
  • Senior Designer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Engagement Manager
  • Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • Data Engineer
  • Engineering Lead
  • GenAI
  • Design Thinking
  • Dialexa Method

The transformational use of GenAI resulted in a remarkably human-like and efficient assistant, appreciated by the client’s internal team for its capacity to dramatically streamline problem resolution and boost operational efficiency. The added capabilities such as audio support, text transcribing, and multi-language support further improved its effectiveness. By integrating this advanced form of AI into their existing systems, the franchisees significantly improved their capability to independently handle technical support, leading to more seamless and effective operations.

43% Reduction in Call Volume

By intelligently handling a wide array of user problems, the AI assistant reduced the call volume by 43% during the pilot. The assistant efficiently handled the user’s questions and provided appropriate resolutions, escalating to a human support resource when unable to address the query.

+6 NPS Score: Increased Satisfaction

The AI assistant’s ability to accurately direct service desk contacts resulted in a 6-point Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase.  Moreover, the assistant introduced an average speed of answer that was virtually instantaneous, effectively eliminating wait times.

6 Weeks: Time to Value

Dialexa delivered a comprehensive solution to pilot utilizing Azure OpenAI within just six weeks. Our ability to rapidly turn around a sophisticated AI-based tool delivered impactful results quickly to our client.


Responsive customer service assistant

We utilized Azure’s OpenAI, to design and implement a comprehensive, responsive AI assistant. Benefitting from GenAI’s superior ability to generate unique, contextually appropriate responses, this assistant enhanced the system’s ability to provide self-service technical support for a wide array of user issues.

Within an aggressive timeline of six weeks, our team designed, developed, and deployed a production-ready AI assistant available on a mobile-friendly platform, actively redefining customer service. In addition to handling common IT support problems, the system was equipped to escalate unresolved issues through traditional support channels, thus ensuring no problem went unresolved.


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