Streamlined Processes for Digital Travel Marketplace


Fortune 1000 software and technology travel company

Our Client wanted to create a new partner driven marketplace for consumers to discover travel offerings as well as a new distribution channel for travel service providers and a simple checkout process for customers.
  • Engagement Manager
  • Design Lead
  • Project Manager
  • UX Designer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research & Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Delivery Assurance
  • Collaborative Quality
  • Software Engineering

Optimized Processes

The Dialexa Research & Design team designed, tested, and built workflows for offerings including ground transportation, baggage insurance, and event management. The team connected customers’ travel data with partner offerings to create a highly optimized checkout process.

The delivery team worked with the Client’s teams to integrate complex data points with numerous 3rd party systems and APIs.


The new marketplace opened up new sources of revenue and provided a better, more cohesive experience for partners and customers. The new workflow kept the customer within the app the entire time and increased conversion click through rates.

+42% New Customers

Most significant KPI (conversion rate) increased 42% for new customers, exceeding expectations

+100% Partner Ecosystem

Implementation of a single purchase workflow, doubled the number of new partners

Experience: Improved CX

The intelligent workflow and reduction of steps and data entry points created an easy and effective check out process for the customer


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