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When the ophthalmology team of this biotech leader had a vision of improving patient outcomes, they initiated Dialexa to help them discover ways of improving patient and physician experience with innovative technology. Treating people with retinal conditions is challenging, particularly because it typically requires regular in-person assessment which can be extremely challenging for people with vision challenges. We helped create a vision assessment application that could be used in the comfort of a patients home, easing the burden of care for both patients and healthcare providers.

Our client's ophthalmology team envisioned improving patient outcomes by reducing the disease burden for patients and physicians through decision-enabling, rapid, digital remote monitoring of disease progression—this tool needed to be effortlessly accessible and easy to use.
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At home digital application

Using a Product Approach, Dialexa’s team of product designers, researchers and managers began by uncovering opportunities to deliver value across the product ecosystem, including patients, healthcare providers, clinic staff, caregivers, and other support personnel. 

We engaged a multi-disciplinary team to design and build an improved user experience accounting for the unique customer accessibility challenges, legal and regulatory requirements associated with Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), and continued clinical and commercial growth objectives.

Faster treatments with remote monitoring

The updated products improve customer experience and prepare our client for future growth with a highly scalable architecture, multi-language interface, and simplified deployments.  Most importantly to us, it’s making a real difference in people’s lives and the health of their vision.

Remote Monitoring and Care

Remote access allows testing and monitoring without the burden of clinical visits

70% Patient Reassurance

Patients reported feeling more reassured that their condition was being closely monitored by their HCP

Faster Treatment Interventions

Frequent testing and alerts allow patients at risk of permanent vision loss to access care quickly


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